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What’s included?

✔︎ 24hr unlimited UK & international GP access for you and your immediate family.

So what? Expect to pay from £20 per appointment with rival services. Appointments with us are included within the subscription with NO LIMIT on the length or number per month.

✔︎ Access to £1000’s of really useful weekly retail savings- even money off your groceries!

So what? The money you save will more than justify the monthly cost of this app.

✔︎ A legal information helpline to assist you when you need it most.

So what? We all know the cost of legal matters often results in people backing down to legal bullies. We’ll  help you understand your rights to help you deal better with legal matters.

✔︎ Confidential mental counselling through our professional support line.

So what? Your mind is at the centre of all things. Often it’s hard to talk to people we know. Having confidential telephone access to someone who judge you is a powerful thing.

✔︎ Financial counselling support line to  protect you and your family.

So what? Love it or loathe it, we all rely on money to achieve what we want out of life. Whether it’s for you or loved ones, a solid financial foundation can help iron out anxieties. Our trained counsellors are on standby to help you when you need it.

✔︎ Cyberscan security monitoring and health check.

So what?  Did you know that mails are not encrypted? Yet millions of us think nothing about using them to share confidential personal details. So here’s a groundbreaking email scanning service to see if your emails have EVER been compromised and a plan to get you back to safety.

If that’s not enough… you get these too!

  • Discounted gym membership and nutritional advice
  • Support for employees caring for dependent relatives
  • Access to private medical specialists
  • Help with caring for elderly parents
  • An online health assessment
  • A range of personal insurance products that might help you protect you and your family

What you’re saying about us

This has been a life changer. I used to just struggle on because our surgery would never have appointments. So now, I just call, someone actually answers and I make an appointment! It’s a shame most of use will never experience anything like it. Also, using the Sainsbury’s discount is easy once you receive your card.

Hayley Holland, Croydon20 November 2019

I was sceptical at first but this really does save me money. Definitely better off financially with it than without it. Didn’t get ill for ages (typical) but then it came in handy on holiday. Just did a video call from the hotel room. Also the email scan picked up that my son’s PS4 account had been breached 2 years ago – terrifying that criminals are so sly! Ordered replacement cards from the bank straight away.

Kim Flood, Exeter22 July 2019

Like others on here, I found the online Doctor incredible. I was even able to have my son seen whist  away.  The other bits are great. We’ve saved around £20 a week on the family shop and around £50 on days out with the kids over the Christmas break.

Jay Stewart, Glasgow27 February 2020

Getting an appointment at my GP is a pain. I have to speed dial early on the day like I’m trying to get concert tickets! I’m self employed so it saves me money and time. Recommended!

Kal Sidhu, Birmingham6 September 2019

I never write reviews for anything but credit where its due. Wanted it for the GP function but loving the shopping discounts too. Even got some legal info from the helpline. Worked out that I saved  £112 on groceries, and (lots of) going out last month :0) Recommended!!!

Jason Wong, Cardiff6 December 2019

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Skye Wellbeing Card Payments Accepted